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About our Wines

At 1723 Vineyards, our focus is on producing premium dry wines. Our portfolio consists of a combination of carefully selected, classic European wine grapes, as well as new, cutting edge varietals specifically bred to thrive in our warm, wet Mid-Atlantic climate. Sustainable farming is the overriding consideration for what we grow. As the old saying goes, great wine starts in the vineyard. We are first and foremost farmers.


Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Chambourcin make up the backbone of our red wine program. Thick skinned, cold hearty and disease resistant, these grapes never let us down. We also have small plantings of Landot Noir, Nebbiolo, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon that are used for limited release wines, blending purposes or special wines reserved for wine club members. All our red wines are aged in premium oak barrels harvested from trees grown in the Northwestern
Pennsylvania and the Allier forest in Central France.

Rosé & Sparkling

Our sparkling wines are produced using the classic “method champenoise” process originally developed in the Champagne region of France. A combination of Cabernet Franc and Chardonel
are used to produce both a blanc (white) and a rosé sparkling wine.
We also produce at least one traditional (still, non-sparkling) rosé each year. The grape varieties and method differ to produce a special, unique wine each year. Some years, it’s a blend of a red and white wine, such as Riesling and Merlot. In other years we use a process called saginee to
“bleed” juice from freshly harvested red grape must to produce the final wine.



Our “go to” white wine grape is Sauvignon Blanc. A Bordeaux classic, it is well adapted to the hot, wet summers that we experience here in Pennsylvania. We also have smaller, promising plantings of Albariño, Riesling and Traminette. In 2021 we’ll be adding a premium, barrel aged white wine based on a blend of Chardonel and Viognier to our tasting room lineup.

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